Book Collector Price Tag $29.95

Book Collector Price Tag $29.95

The Holy Grail of Jordan collectibles. Tor also issued a signed limited numbered edition of Legends. Because of the broad fan base versus the small number of copies most Stephen King limited editions run to copies , it is one of most highly sought of all recently published limited editions and it bears an appropriately impressive price tag.

First Printings To start, there is a difference between a first edition and a first printing. Go here for more information. It comes in two different states. Tor originally published The Eye of the World as a trade paperback. They had an additional limited printing, or according to different sources, of hardcovers intended for libraries.

When sales took off, Tor rebound a comparable number of the trade paperbacks as hardcovers. The original hardcovers and rebound tpbs are respectively known as first state and second state. The easiest way to tell the difference is to examine the binding at the spine.

The original hardcover has glued signatures folded bundles of sixteen pages while the rebound trade paperbacks have a smooth edge with an additional paper backing. In a practical sense it does not matter a great deal, as both states command comparable prices in the marketplace. If you are considering a purchase, here are some points to check. Make sure the copyright page is correct. There should be a full number line reading 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 at the bottom.

Also, make sure the book comes with a first state dust jacket. Is the dust jacket price clipped? Just check the bar code on the back! A key distinguishing point is the text font on the spine. Only the first printing has the open font shown on the left. All later printings were done with the solid font shown on the right. There is only one state for this printing, but do check that the dust jacket is first state. The Dragon Reborn The rarity and value drops way down for the first printing of The Dragon Reborn , though the book is still collectible.

Also, see the pictures. The first printing of The Fires of Heaven is also uncommon and collectible. Later Books Starting with Lord of Chaos , Tor printed an enormous number of books for the first publication.

One can occasionally still find first printings on remainder racks. These are only collectible if they are signed. The first printings of the Orbit editions of The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt are also rare and highly sought after by collectors.

The first printings of these are common, but signed copies are rare particularly if they are in fine condition. Advance Reading Copies and Proofs As most publishers do, Tor sends out advance copies of their books to reviewers ahead of public release. These books come in two forms, Advance Reading Copies and uncorrected proofs. Advance Reading Copies are the more polished form. They have been copyedited and come with a nice, glossy cover that often bears the artwork of the hardcover or trade paperback.

Uncorrected proofs, as the name implies, are the first bound version. They come with a plain cover and often are printed before copyediting is complete. For the later books they distributed proofs. All are considered collectible, especially if they are signed. Despite dealers' hype, this book is one of the most common collectibles.

In an interview Tom Doherty stated that they printed 1,, copies! It shows up on eBay and Abebooks weekly and can be purchased for a few dollars. The Red Promo In , Tor reprinted the first eighteen chapters again. Shortly after publishing, Tor had second thoughts and most of these books were destroyed. The Red Promo is one of the rarest Jordan collectibles. The Aqua Promo This one does not really qualify as collectible, as it sells in second hand stores for less than two dollars, but for the sake of completeness we list it here.

In , Tor reissued the full version of The Eye of the World as a promotion. It bears the same cover design as the red book, but with an aqua background. Non-Wheel of Time Books There is an active market for Jordan's Conan and Fallon books, but they are not in high demand unless they are signed. Even signed they can typically be purchased for not much over cover price. See the Non-Wheel of Time Bibliography. That is about all we know. If you have any more detailed information on any of these topics please, please share with us!

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