Buy AutoCAD 2011 Mac Os

Buy AutoCAD 2011 mac os

Unlike Windows applications, which run in separate windows, each with their own menu or ribbon, that same Apple menu bar remains across the top of the screen and shows commands for whichever application is currently in the foreground. AutoCAD for the Mac offers several features not found in the Windows version, including viewport controls in the upper-left corner of each viewport for controlling the number of viewports, selecting a named or preset view, and choosing a visual style. In addition to the menu bar, AutoCAD for the Mac uses several palettes docked to the left and right of the drawing canvas. These palettes can be dragged around the screen, docked in other locations, and collapsed in various ways. There are actually three different Tool Sets providing tools commonly used for specific tasks, somewhat analogous to workspaces in AutoCAD for Windows. For example, the Drafting toolset contains tools for creating and editing basic 2D objects such as lines, arcs and circles; the Annotation toolset provides tools related to text, dimensions, and tables; and the Modeling toolset offers 3D drawing and editing tools. Some palette buttons have flyouts that display related commands and many tools are organized into tool groups that can be expanded and temporarily locked in their expanded state. A set of viewport controls, located in the upper-left corner of each drawing viewport, let you control the number of viewports, select a named or preset view, or choose a visual style.

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