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There is a 5 drive limit per license which allows you to recover an unlimited amount of data off of 5 drives. However, a pro license is offered that allows the users to recover an unlimited amount of data regardless of how many computers, Macs, PCs, internal or external drives, etc. Like mzulgis 19 January I think a 5-drive limit is the height of stinginess considering the cost of the software. Like Sir 04 March Yeah, I didn't see that 5 drive limit either, so that money is wasted. Prosoft is now off my list of people I will buy from.

How To Buy Prosoft Data Rescue 4. The Data Rescue 4 BootWell is a special secondary startup drive that can be used to safely recover files from your internal hard drive or another computer. A BootWell will startup any functioning Intel Mac with an internal hard drive. Data Rescue 4 for Mac, Computer Hard Drive and Deleted File Recovery Software Used by Apple, FBI, IT professionals and home users. ProSoft Data Rescue II (Mac) [OLD VERSION] Sep 19, out of 5 stars CD-ROM from $ to buy season. Or $ with a Prime membership. Sep 28,  · Prosoft Data Rescue on the Mac If you're a multiplatform household and you're considering Prosoft's tools, you'll be pleased to hear that Data Rescue is one of the top data recovery utilities we /5.

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A few typical examples include: Data Rescue PC4: The recovery process provides a fairly intuitive experience thanks to a straightforward wizard. For example, with Stellar Data Recovery Pro read our Stellar Data Recovery review , you can select which types of files you want to scan for, which reduces scan time. Once the wizard starts, your first step will be to pick a volume to scan. The program should detect any partitions on your hard drive. You can pick a particular partition or scan the entire hard drive.

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