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How do you get Karelia Software The Hit List?

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Buy How do you get Karelia Software The Hit List?

Where to buy Karelia Software The Hit List

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. This brand new app is a result of the original developers, Potion Factory , being acquired by Karelia Software earlier this year.

Is this brand new version worth checking out? I remember using The Hit List for a while on my Mac and iPhone, but it never stuck around for me, probably because of the lack of syncing unless you paid extra for it.

I was surprised this week with the release of The Hit List 2. If you had been using the original Hit List, the you will notice the brand new design that makes the app fit in better with iOS 8 aesthetics. The old chrome is gone and replaced with a lot of white, and all of the flat buttons look familiar because of their recognizable icons. On the Lists view, you have the three sections at the top that will always remain there: There is also a search bar where you can filter your tasks by title, notes, tags, or all.

The search is fast, delivering results for your inquires in real-time. Under the three static sections will be your folders and lists. One thing I liked about The Hit List was the ability to create nested folders. I always thought of the folders as projects, so it made sense to create sub-projects in the main project, and the app lets you do that easily.

To create a new folder or list, just tap on the button in the top left corner. A new task will need a title, and you can include additional notes if needed. This was a big issue I had with the original Hit List, and years later, there is still no support for start or due times. I work with deadlines, so my tasks have to be completed by a certain time. Without support for times, The Hit List just cannot be my main task manager.

Still, one thing I did always like about The Hit List is the support for subtasks. These can be checked off individually as you go, or you can just complete the main task to check them all off at once. If you deal with subtasks a lot, the The Hit List is a winner. You can swipe on a task to reveal contextual buttons.

A swipe to the right reveals options for postponing to tomorrow or next week, or changing it to today if necessary. A swipe to the left will bring up options for moving it to a different location or deleting it. Tags are a great way to organize your tasks, other than lists and folders. Tags will be highlighted in yellow so they stand out nicely. The settings of The Hit List is where you will want to go if you want to toggle the icon badge and those whimsical sound effects.

This is also where you want to go to set up The Hit List Sync Service, which is now included at no extra cost to you previous you had to pay extra for it. This allows all of your folders, lists, tags, and tasks to be synced across multiple iOS devices as well as the Mac app. However, at the moment, only the iPhone app has received a major revision, but the Mac version will be getting the same treatment soon.

Personally, I like what The Hit List has to offer in terms of design and functionality subtasks are handy , but I cannot use it because of one thing: Because of that, I will continue to use Todoist.

But if you are looking for a fast task manager that has support for nested folders and subtasks, I recommend giving The Hit List a try.


GTD App: The Hit List

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