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Oct 7, 9: However, how many of us even keep up with those memos? Also, it would have been really simple to get a pop-up or something before "upgrading" to let the user know their favorite program will be compromised. Even if it were a general note, it would make us really think about it. Of course, this is probably a lot to ask for. They might reason that the users should just know this! Duh, right?

I think Apple just wants us all to evolve to the latest and greatest version of the software. However, anyone using Pages '09 and the newest can tell you how slow and senseless the latest version is. The latest was meant to be adaptable to iPad users. Just a few clicks here and there using only your fingertips. However, palettes make much more sense on desktops. The free latest version is definitely a downgrade. So in moving back both my Apples to High Sierra, the desktop went fine.

The MacBook process didn't. Now I have to wait 1 or 2 hours talking to a mac "genius" to fix this mess. Oh joy. Don't get me started on how you have to jump through a few more hoops just to get a reservation--even with Apple Care! That's my Sunday.

So those downgrading back to High Sierra, take your time and do it right. And don't expect anyone to care that you haven't evolved because of your sentimental longing for superior products made in the past. When you're a trillion-dollar company, you get to make up the rules. More Less.

Nov 15,  · The iWork '09 application suite has been officially retired by Apple since Fall Five years of warning that the future will not be tolerant of retired applications. Five years to migrate your documents to another word processing solution. Come macOS next year, the iWork '09 applications would not have worked anyway, because they are. Dec 21,  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for iWork '09 at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.4/5(). May 15,  · iWork for Mac (Keynote , Pages , and Numbers ) and iWork for iCloud Beta 2 required for iCloud document compatibility iWork '09 system requirements A Mac with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (MHz or faster) processor.

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Keynote 2, a presentation creation program, and Pages, a word processor. A day trial was also made available for download on Apple's website. Both programs were released as universal binaries for the first time, allowing them to run natively on both PowerPC processors and the Intel processors used in the new iMac desktop computers and MacBook Pro notebooks which had been announced on the same day as the new iWork suite. A new spreadsheet application, Numbers, was also introduced.

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