Windows Server 2008 R2

Latest Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Version

Premium access via web: Open the correct folder and double-click on setup. At the. NET Framework 3. Click Install to start the install of this component. When the. NET Framework installation is complete, click Finish. If you do not have Windows Installer 4. If you prompted to restart your computer, do so and invoke the installation process again.

When the License Terms dialog box appears, ensure that I accept the license terms is checked and click Next. The Setup Support Files dialog box will continue automatically to the Feature Selection screen, if all requirements are met.

Once the Setup Support Rules has finished the system check, click Next to continue. The Disk Space Requirements dialog box appears and will continue automatically if requirements met. From the Server Configuration page, do the following: Only enable the Accent sensitive option for Sort order and press OK. After the settings have been made on both tabs, click Next to continue. The Database Engine Configuration dialog box appears.

On the Account Provisioning Tab, do the following: Type a password in the Enter password and the Confirm password fields. You will need this password in step 5 of the section Installing Act!. Under Specify SQL Server administrators, click Add Current User to add the current user account to the administrators list you can also click Add or Remove to select specific user accounts and then click Next. On the Error Reporting page, you can choose to automatically send error reports to Microsoft or to your corporate error-reporting server.

Click Next to continue. Click Install and the Installation Progress will begin. When complete click Next. The Complete dialog box will appear. Click Close to finalize the installation Restart your computer. Use the following steps: Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run.

The Run dialog box appears. Type services. The Services panel launches. If the Status column does not display Started right-click that entry, and then click Start from the shortcut menu, otherwise close the Services panel. Use the following Steps: Locate the Named Pipes entry from the Protocols Name column in the right-pane. If the Status column does not display Enabled, right-click the entry, and then click Enable from the shortcut menu. If the Status column does not display Enabled, right-click the entry, and then click Enable from the shortcut menu, otherwise close the SQL Server Configuration Manager dialog box.

Proceed to one of the sections below that applies to your situation: If Act! Otherwise, please proceed to the section labeled Installing Act! Run SecurityCmdLnApp. The Run dialog box will appear. In the Open field type cmd and click OK.

The Command Prompt window will appear. Type one of the following commands, depending on your version of Act! If you have a bit Operating System: Premium access via web cd c: Type SecurityCmdLnApp. Press Enter. After a few moments, the Command Prompt will return the C: Close the Command Prompt. Launch Act! Installing Act! Launch the installation, and click the option to Install Act! For instructions on how to install Act! How do I install Act!?

This article describes how to determine your current Microsoft SQL Server Note Latest and final release for this version, None, SQL Server R2 builds. Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise quality database management system that's Microsoft will no longer release security updates for SQL Server / R2. If starting from scratch, choose the newest version that supports all the. Aug 7, - Earlier this summer, SQL Server and SQL Server R2 fell out of in the case of SQL Server Enterprise Edition, is approximately $7, per CPU or Windows Server, or they wait until well after the latest version is.

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