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How to get Microsoft Office for free Tired of paying? The good news is that future versions of the software will probably be the same price. The bad news is it can be costly for consumers. Use the free web and mobile apps Microsoft has been gradually expanding the number of apps you can use online for free, and now offers an impressive suite that can easily merge with downloaded apps, if necessary, and has plenty of functionality for the average project. So, if this is all here and available for free, why does the rest of this article exist? Get Office through your school If you are part of an education organization student, faculty, or staff , take time to enter your school email address on this site and see if you can get a version of Office for free.

Cheap Low Cost Microsoft PowerPoint Software

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Since its entry into the market back in , this web-based presentation tool has earned a large fan base in relatively little time. Prezi is a great alternative for anyone who wants to make their presentations more active and experiment with less conventional designs. Using a sort of digital screen, you arrange your content in the way you want it presented and then later zoom in and out throughout the presentation to enlarge the relevant fields.

The challenge here is to make sensible connections between the individual contentsegments on the screen. This means Prezi is often less effective for complicated and long presentations, as it can be easy for listeners to get lost in these.

The golden rule with Prezi is that less is often more. But if you follow this advice and use Prezi as it is intended, the program offers you all the tools you need to create a truly vivid, engaging, and unique presentation. This is where you need to think about your environment: Depending on the audience and the occasion, a traditional PowerPoint presentation may be more appropriate.

PowerPoint has the benefit of being the flagship application for presentations, meaning that its simple structure and traditional layout is familiar to essentially everybody. When it comes to modern, attractive, straightforward presentations, Prezi is an excellent solution Price Prezi is free of charge for pupils, students, and teachers. Regular users have to pay around 5 dollars a month for a private account.

There are also other premium and business packages available from their website. Advantages Creativity and flexibility with almost no limits Less suitable for large, complicated presentations Good for unconventional and creative presentations Limited storage space and logo watermarks in the free version After a short initiation phase, creating presentations is quick and easy for all Only a few templates available Haiku Deck Most people have their content roughly in mind when they set about making a presentation.

But visualizing that content with the addition of suitable images and graphics is much more of a challenge and can often take considerably more time and effort. Haiku Deck offers users an integrated database of photos that can be used freely by anybody.

In fact, to make things even easier for users who are lacking the creative spark to find the perfect graphics and images, this free presentation software offers a clever scanning tool that scans a presentation for keywords and suggests suitable images that would fit.

Haiku Deck is available as a web solution in the browser and also as an app on the iOS app store. Finished presentations can be shared on other channels upon completion, or imported into Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. But there are some downsides to the program: Haiku Deck — the presentation software with an integrated photo database Price Haiku Deck can be used for free in its limited text version, but it lacks a range of functions.


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