Microsoft boosts Office 2019 price by 10%

Office Standard 2018 price

Office Online, on the other hand, is a browser-based version of Microsoft Office, which can be used for free or included in a subscription of Office Which version makes the most sense for your organization?

Office Suite Standard Desktop Office Suite Standard is an integrated collection of Microsoft applications designed to seamlessly work together to optimize your day-to-day work. Office Standard includes the following programs: A spreadsheet application with data analysis and visualization tools OneNote: A note-taking application that allows various types of content to be shared among team members.

A time and information manager that integrates email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. A presentation graphics program with capabilities for text effects, sound, and animation.

A desktop publishing program that allows people with basic design skills to create a wide variety of publications. A full-featured word-processing program. All desktop applications in Office Standard are the full-featured programs, which means each program e. Although the latest version of Office Standard is desktop-based, it is tightly integrated with OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud-based file-hosting service.

This means you can start working on a document on one device such as your work PC and continue where you left off on another device like your tablet at home that has Office installed on it, provided that you sync up your files to OneDrive.

This also allows for real-time editing, e. Example of real-time editing in Word To learn more about the new features that comes with the latest version of Office, check out our post, Guess What? We have Office This offer provides a perpetual license for a single device. Alternatively, organizations can also obtain Office Standard desktop through a discounted Office Nonprofit subscription business premium plans, E3 or E5 plans only.

This offer provides one user with a valid monthly or annual Office subscription access to Office desktop applications on up to 5 devices. Office Professional Plus includes all of the programs in Office Standard i. A relational database management system that helps information workers track and report information.

Skype for Business: A unified communications client that works in conjunction with Skype for Business Server. It enables users to talk to each other using instant messaging, voice, or video and to switch back and forth between modes. Similar to Office Standard, all desktop applications in Office Professional Plus are the full-featured versions of the program. Organizations can also obtain Office Pro Plus desktop through a discounted Office subscription business premium plans, E3 or E5 plans only.

Word Online: In Office Online, you can create new documents from your browser and store them on OneDrive, view existing Office documents in read-only mode and edit documents by uploading files to OneDrive note: While Office Suite Standard and Professional provides you with access to the full-featured Office programs, Office Online only covers the basic functionalities of each program.

However if your nonprofit is needs to do more than view documents and make simple changes, Office Online is better used in conjunction with the desktop version of Office. If you have a valid Office subscription, you can also access Office Online programs directly in your account. Simply sign into your Office account and expand your Apps menu. Accessing Office Online in Office

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Microsoft drops OneNote desktop app from Office, pushes users to Windows 10 version | VentureBeat

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