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By Mike Wuerthele Sunday, March 12, , The more you use BusyCal, the more you can so very clearly see the sheer depth of experience that its makers have. They were a reason to buy a PowerBook in the '90s. They were transformative in how well they brought a calendar and an address book to the Mac. Given the dearth of To Do software at the time, they were even powerful with tasks and reminders. Flash forward a couple of decades and through company buyouts or management changes and the old Now Software firm is long gone.

Jun 22, - BusyCal for iOS — And for the first time ever, BusyCal is now available for throughout the app to make BusyCal 3 the best calendar app yet. Sep 27, - BusyCal 3 is back on the Mac and better than ever with big And while that's still true today, the folks at BusyMac had their work cut out for. The most convenient, powerful and reliable calendar application ever, the ability to create . BusyMac's BusyCal is a scam because it is not a good product.

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While the Mac version is passable enough, the iPhone app is borderline useless, even with split-screen month and list view enabled. That is, until the recent release of BusyCal 3, a sequel four years in the making. BusyCal 3 has been overhauled with a modern user interface that ironically takes more than a few design cues from the Calendar in OS X El Capitan, aside from the Info panel along the right-hand side, the two applications could almost be mistaken for one another. The newly-streamlined Info panel along the right-hand side makes BusyCal 3 easier to use on the Mac. Back to Mac With version 3. To-dos can be assigned specific times or dates, and now appear in the main calendar view alongside regular events. My favorite feature is the forecast powered by Weather Underground, which displays high and low temperatures for the next 10 days, along with moon phases adjacent to the date.


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