Which Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle software to buy?

which Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle software to buy?

Exposure X5 is the creative photo editor that handles every step of your workflow. It has gorgeous film emulation and creative presets in an efficient editor that is a joy to use. Buy Exposure as a solo product or as the central app in the Exposure Bundle, integrated with our other photography tools, Blow Up and Snap Art. Exposure is the same whichever one you choose, so you get the same award-winning creative photo editing with either option. The Exposure X4 Bundle is the advanced photo editor and organizer that brings your photos to life. Exposure's gorgeous customizable presets and unmatched editing tools speed you into the creative zone. The integration of Snap Art 4 natural media and Blow .

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Cheapest price Which Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle software to buy?

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Serif Affinity Photo 1. Apple was impressed enough to award it Best Mac App of Launched as a Mac-only app with no immediate prospect of a Windows version, its appeal was obvious but limited. But now, with version 1. Version 1. Notice anything about this screenshot? Affinity Photo is now available for both Mac and PC. Raw editing in the Develop persona First things first. Previously, highly saturated colours had a tendency to clip to white much too easily, but this has now been fixed.

There are, however, a couple of things to be aware of. First, you should try disabling the tone curve applied by default — this step gives a flatter look but makes it easier to recover highlights.

Second, the Develop persona applies no default sharpening at all, which makes fine detail look pretty soft until you add in some detail enhancement. The shadow recovery in particular is pretty unimpressive, producing a rather muddy dark result rather than the instant lift you get in other software.

It was also noticeably slower at opening raw files on my MacBook Pro. In fact it can offer an end-to-end CMYK workflow, with ICC colour management, which will make it especially attractive to publishing professionals looking for an affordable Photoshop alternative. This means you can round-trip your edits to programs that use PSD files as their base format.

Down the left side of the screen is a vertical toolbar with a wide range of editing and retouching tools for dodging and burning, cloning and patching and making selections. The Inpainting tool is especially interesting because it allows for quick and effective object removal.

You simply paint over the object you want to remove you can change the brush size and hardness and Affinity Photo will replace it with surrounding details and textures. With smaller objects it works brilliantly. Affinity Photo 1.

Layers Otherwise, image adjustments and enhancements are carries out using non-destructive Adjustment layers. You can use these to adjust levels, curves, black and white conversion, white balance, hue saturation and lightness, shadows and highlights, lens filters, selective colour and a whole lot more. Some enhancements and effects require different blending modes, and these are accessed via a drop-down menu on the layers palette.

The difference here is that the effect is previewed live even as you scroll through the list, so you can see which works best even before you commit to it. This lighting effect is applied as a non-destructive Live Filter which can be re-edited at any time.

Affinity Photo also offers a range of Live Filters which operate in the same, non-destructive way. These include a whole selection of blur filters, including Elliptical and Tilt Shift depth of field blur, Clarity, Vignette, Perspective filters and other effects. Affinity 1. This is one area where Affinity Photo still has some catching up to do.

As yet, third-party plug-in publishers are not yet including Affinity Photo in their installer packages, so although it is compatible with Photoshop plug-ins, you will have to manually navigate to your existing plug-ins folders to locate them. Serif does say that the majority of third party plug-ins now work correctly there were some issues previously.

Adobe kicked off this whole area with its Photomerge technology, but Affinity Photo takes this a few stages further. The new Focus Merge a. It also supports Image Stacks and the merging and blending of multiple photos based on the same scene, so that you can create composites using or removing differences between frames.

This is commonly used in macro photography, where depth of field is very shallow, to merge a whole series of shots taken at slightly different focus points into a single image with full near-to-far depth of field. The new Tone Mapping persona in Affinity Photo 1.

This is where you choose and adjust the HDR effect, working with images in a bit HDR space for maximum tonal range, and although the initial Tone Map can take a few moments to render, subsequent adjustments are quick and easy. You could, for example, prepare a raw file with the best possible brightness range in the Develop persona and then work on it in the Tone Mapping persona. The Affinity website has a good example in a video tutorial, where the photographer adds passers-by from a number of frames to make a scene look busier.

More new features in Affinity Photo 1. This is backed up by a new Batch Processing option which can carry out generic bulk actions like resizing or changing the format of a folder full of images, or editing actions saved as macros. You can now automate complex image effects with macros and apply them to multiple photos with the new batch processing options.

Mac owners still get special treatment. Affinity Photo is the same. It assumes everyone is a technician and works hard on single images at a time. Of its type, Affinity Photo is a powerful, brilliant and cheap program which is evolving at breakneck speed. Affinity Photo has its own way of doing things and you might sometimes be disappointed at an outcome without realising a few of the tricks and wrinkles you need to know to get the best from it.

What I would recommend, though is that you set aside a couple of hours for the extensive range of video tutorials on the affinity. Related Filed Under: Featured , Reviews Tagged With: Affinity Photo Reader Interactions.

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