Windows 10: Which Version Should You Get?

Which version of Windows 10 should you buy?

Windows 10 Home. Recent Windows 10 feature updates, such as the April and May Windows 10 Updates, add more Pro-specific features. This is usually the choice of enthusiasts, but it offers no support or even instructions from Microsoft. All of them have some relevance for power users and more traditional businesses alike.

Yes, seven: Microsoft has added another! On the desktop, your experience should be roughly the same. Since Windows 8. Mark Hachman Encrypting drives is a snap with BitLocker. If a drive is encrypted, BitLocker will encrypt other files that are added to it.

You also have the option to suspend encryption or remove it entirely. Files moved from a BitLocker encrypted drive to another drive are automatically decrypted.

Saving it to your Microsoft account is recommended. A cloud storage solution like OneDrive can be a great way to store your files, but a USB key encrypted with BitLocker and clipped to a keychain can provide an additional layer of security and keep precious files close at hand. Remote Desktop Connection MicrosoftWindows has two similarly named capabilities: Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance. The differences between the two are significant.

Only Windows 10 Professional machines can be remotely controlled, however—not Windows 10 Home machines. Remote Assistance is designed as an educational tool, so that a remote technician can show you how to adjust your graphics settings, for example, by moving your mouse. If you run a small business, Remote Desktop Connection is another reason to consider Windows 10 Professional. Client Hyper-V Not many business professionals will probably care about virtualization, the ability to wall off a portion of your hard drive into a virtual PC, complete with its own operating system.

But for enthusiasts—especially those who wish to continue testing Insider builds without risking their main system—Hyper-V is just the thing. In fact, virtualization is a key technology that appears in several ways within Windows 10 Pro. Virtualization creates a secure operating environment within your PC that allows you to run different operating systems, including Linux, future builds of Windows 10, and even older versions of Windows.

Just make sure you still have valid license keys for the operating system and a PC processor that supports virtualization—not all older models do. Windows will suggest that you install some optional features. Microsoft Update for Business Windows 10 Home pushes patches to your PC immediately, allowing you to defer installation for a few hours, but no longer. For some, that might not be the most desirable option. Windows 10 Professional offers an option, as our tutorial in how to manage Windows 10 updates explains.

Users can certainly opt to install patches as soon as Microsoft releases them. Windows 10 Pro gives you extra flexibility. The other reason, though, involves bugs. As Windows 10 neared, reports circulated of new updates breaking multimonitor setups with certain Nvidia cards. A firmware update that Microsoft pushed to the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 failed, and had to be reissued. This bug cropped up in some installations using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

In other words, patches do occasionally cause things to go haywire, which means that Home users could wade through some wonky updates as Windows 10 evolves. Bugs will happen.

Updates will be applied. That chance to wait and see if anything blows up might add an extra layer of peace of mind. You might not be able to download a file, unless you change a policy setting. Essentially, Sandbox provides a simplified way to launch a self-contained virtual environment, without the need for license keys or anything else.

But the security is worth it. Sandbox carves out part of your operating system for its own use, and when you close the window, everything within it vanishes. If you download a file within WDAG, it resides within the virtual environment. Sandbox files can be downloaded to your PC, and are still accessible when you close the Sandbox app. That makes everything slightly less secure, but more convenient.

Sandbox can also be used as a way to surf the web securely. Though the default Sandbox environment contains a bare-bones Windows installation complete with Edge , you can download Chrome or any other app. Features for businesses first Several features in Windows 10 Professional are aimed squarely at the business market.

Domain join, for example, allows you to bring in your own PC and connect it to the office domain. Group policy management allows an IT admin to control which PCs do what. Likewise, if your business needs specialized enterprise apps, an admin can lock down the Windows Store to make sure employees get those, and nothing else.

Normally this setup is used for a dedicated kiosk, but it might kid-proof a tablet, too. Get it for the flexibility Moving to Windows 10 Professional makes sense for people who could use its more advanced features—and adding more of them, over time, makes it more appealing. Windows 10 Home will suffice for the majority of individual or family users. This story was updated on April 9, to acknowledge that the April Update has been pushed out and renamed the May Update.

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Aug 16,  · See the following: How to: Rollback to a previous version of Windows from Windows Can I try Windows 10 without replacing my current Windows? Windows 10 includes the ability to rollback to your previous version of Windows if you don't like it after upgrading. It is still advised you make a thorough backup of your system just in case though. Apr 12,  · But, whether you’re installing Windows 10 or Windows 7, you should almost certainly skip the bit version and get the bit version instead. The bit version of Windows is also known as the “x64” version of Windows, while the bit version is Author: Chris Hoffman. Jan 21,  · Need to buy old version of Microsoft Office: Versions from product keys: Find Bit Version of Office installed. Which version of Microsoft Office should I get? Will computer run OK without any version of Office installed? How to recover Doc file? Office University - Should I install bit or bit version?

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And, like its two most recent predecessors the widely reviled Windows 8 and fan favorite Windows 7 , Windows 10 will be available in a wide variety of different flavors. More specifically, Microsoft is going to be selling seven versions of Windows this time around because making things easy is apparently overrated. Which of those seven will be right for you? Which ones should you avoid at all costs? Read More:

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